Agnieszka Gzyl

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Interior architect, Painter, Designer of daily use objects.
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Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts of Władysław Strzemiński in Łódź, Department of Design and Architecture. Acually, the candidate to PhD tiltle.

The architect of interiors, public areas and shop windows. Read more here: Projects and realizationsInterior styles and Offer.

Painter who uses an experimental technique and materials – combination of computer graphics and silicone. Works to watch here: Paintings.

Designer of daily use objects (furniture, lamps). Works to watch here: Design.

„Architecture must be based on tree principles: durability, convenience, and beauty.”

– Vitruvius “The Ten Books On Architecture”

According to these words, we can say that interior architecture means creating beautiful, functional and user-friendly space, not only corresponding to the needs and habits of its residents, but also reflecting their nature and aesthetic taste. Moreover, interior architecture is not an interior decoration. Removing all the movable furniture and decoration from the space, the architecture should stay.

Today, everyone stands for individuality, character, originality, finesse and untypical solutions in their own interior.

These guidelines are my first principles. Thanks to them, I create spaces in which one wants to stay and to which returns with pleasure after a hard day work. I pay particular attention to the client’s budget. Today’s market offers a number of possibilities to arrange really beautiful and untypical interiors at a reasonable price.

Modern Kitchen by Other Metro Kitchen Designers & Remodelers Leicht Küchen AG

Interior design includes the whole of planning, starting with technical drawings and setting up the new arrangement of walls, changing the functions of particular rooms, planning new water, sewage and ventilation systems as well as electrical system complete with lighting. It means designing furniture to build in. Interior architect also participates in and oversees the entire process of construction and finishing. The selection of suitable furniture – and its arrangement – or any accessories is only a small part of the work terminating the entire design process.

Thus, the interior design starts from serious things and ends with the less important details. Each element of the room is planned by me in such a way as to satisfy both aesthetic and practical expectations of the client.

Eclectic Living Room by JAC Interiors

It is worth to know, however, that few people are truly aware of what the role of an interior architect really is.

According to a popular belief, it is just selecting wall colors, matching curtains and choosing wallpapers or accessories. Obviously, all this falls within the scope of the work of an interior architect but it represents only a small part of the immensity of tasks incumbent on the designer’s shoulders – tasks regarding many aspects of architecture.

Industrial Dining Room

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